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Justin Medeiros

Justin Medeiros

June 29, 2021

Every day, I train to be a better version of myself and push my limits. I will get what I put in, and I have promised myself I will continue to give it everything I’ve got. It doesn’t matter the obstacles or struggles I’m faced with, those situations allow me to reflect on who I am, who I want to be and become better. I choose to control what I can, which is myself. I find my weaknesses, both mentally and physically, and work on them. This is a concept my parents ingrained in me at a young age – nothing in this life is given, it must be earned. I am grateful for where I am because I know the work that I have put in, but I am hungry to be better. 

I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the team I have supporting me. We are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with and my mission is to surround myself with as many awesome people as I can. 


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