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frequently asked questions

Why should I join The Chipper?

- When you create an account and become a member of The Chipper, you’ll immediately receive access to exclusive benefits before even making your first purchase. As you continue to spend and engage with NOBULL, you’ll unlock more and more rewards.

What do I get for joining The Chipper?

- After creating an account, members of The Chipper will be eligible to receive early access to select restocks and free shipping on orders $99 and over in the US. Members will be notified via email when early access windows are available. As you earn new tiers in The Chipper, you’ll gain access to additional benefits.

How long will my benefits last?

- After earning a new tier in The Chipper, you are able to maintain that status for the remainder of the current calendar year and the following year. The calendar year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. To keep your tier, you will need to continue to earn the number of points that qualify for that tier each year. If you do not earn any additional points during this time, your status will be reverted back to the Member tier. For example, if you earn enough points to unlock the Insider tier on 9/1/22, you will receive Insider benefits until 12/31/23. If you do not earn any additional points before 12/31/23, your tier will be reverted back to the Member tier on 1/1/24. If you earn an additional 100 points before 12/31/23, you will maintain the Insider tier from 1/1/24.

How do I maintain my current tier?

- The best way to maintain your current tier is by earning the same number of points or more that qualify you for that tier each year. Each calendar year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Can I merge accounts?

- No. Each member can only have one account. Please make sure you’re using your preferred email address to create your account with The Chipper.

Am I eligible to join The Chipper and receive member benefits?

- Anyone except unauthorized resellers is welcome to sign up to become a member of The Chipper and receive benefits.* You do not need to make a purchase to create an account. If you are an unauthorized reseller, you may be asked to verify authorization and have your benefits revoked if unauthorized.

*Shipping benefits vary by country. Please see ‘Do I qualify for free shipping?’ in the Benefits FAQ section below for more information.

What is the NOBULL Family tier? 

- NOBULL Family is an invite-only tier of The Chipper Loyalty Program where members are invited annually based on spend, loyalty, and advocacy in the community.

How do I become a NOBULL Family Member?

- At least once per year, Team NOBULL invites current VIP Members of The Chipper to join NOBULL Family based on loyalty, advocacy, and spend. Beyond supporting us with orders each year and wearing our gear, these customers regularly refer friends, create NOBULL content on social media, leave reviews, attend NOBULL events, engage in our digital community, and volunteer with us.

How do I know if I'm a NOBULL Family Member?

- You will receive an email and welcome kit by mail, welcoming you to NOBULL Family. You will also receive an order confirmation for NOBULL Family Membership via email. This membership is $0 and is purchased on your behalf to opt you into NOBULL Family benefits.

Do CrossFit® Affiliate Owners receive any special Chipper benefits?

- Yes, in addition to all the benefits Members of every Chipper tier enjoy, verified CrossFit® Affiliate Owners receive 20% off of up to $2,000 for LOR’s yearly, which renews annually on January 1st, as well as an invitation to NOBULL Connect digital community with a special CrossFit® Affiliate Owner badge and exclusive CrossFit® virtual events. You must have an account with The Chipper and be  verified with your Affiliate ID to receive these additional benefits. These benefits are not available for UK and EU customers at this time.

How do I become a verified CrossFit® Affiliate Owner and Member of The Chipper?

- To unlock your exclusive CrossFit® Affiliate Owner discount, you must log in to CrossFit’s® Affiliate Partner Network and follow the NOBULL link to create an account or login with your existing Chipper account, which includes entering  your unique Affiliate ID. You will receive a confirmation email with your CrossFit® Affiliate Owner benefits once you have completed this step. 

- At this time, annual CrossFit® Affiliate Owner discounts are available for customers in all countries except UK and EU.

- Please contact with any questions about Affiliate benefits.

How can I accumulate points? 

- After creating an account with The Chipper, you will earn one point for every dollar spent. To earn additional points, we invite you to complete actions such as writing a review and following us on social media. Make sure you’re logged into your account and visit the boxes in the “Ways to Earn Points” section on this landing page to earn points for completing these actions on your account.

Will past purchases count towards my status? 

- No, for customers on, you will start earning 1 point per $1 spent on purchases only after you create an account with The Chipper. However, we will reward you with 100 bonus points for being an existing customer if you made a purchase before creating an account. All new Members, whether you made a purchase prior to creating an account or not, will receive 5 points for creating an account and 20 bonus points on your first order as a Member.

I already completed my first purchase of Trainers, Runners, Apparel, Bags, or Accessories but my 'Way to Earn Points' box does not show this action as completed. How do I know if I earned the 20 additional points?

- Good news - you already earned 1 point for every $1 spent on all previous purchases. You will receive 20 additional points on your next order of Trainer, Runners, Apparel, Bags, or Accessories and you will see the box checked as completed when you are logged in.

What if I already follow NOBULL on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify? 

- You must click the ‘Follow us on Instagram’, ‘Like us on Facebook,’ or ‘Follow us on Spotify’ boxes in the ‘Ways to Earn Points’ section above. This will allow us to register that you already follow and like us on these channels and the points will be added to your account. 

How do I refer a friend?

- The referral program is for first-time purchasers only. To refer a friend who has never purchased from NOBULL before, visit the Refer-A-Friend landing page and follow the prompts to send them an email with your unique referral link. Your friend must complete their first purchase of $99 USD and over, using your referral link for us to recognize their purchase as your referral. You cannot refer yourself or a friend using the same device as you.

What happens to my points if I return a product?

- When a product is returned, the points earned from that purchase will be subtracted from your account balance.

Why did I drop a membership tier?

- If you reached a new membership tier, then made a return shortly after and dropped a membership tier, the points you received for that purchase were subtracted from your total points and therefore disqualified you from staying at that new membership tier. 

 - You can also lose a membership tier if you did not earn enough points to maintain that tier for the remainder of the year you earned that tier and the year after. You can see how many points you need to earn to maintain your current tier when you log into your account and click the “Rewards” tab.

How do I earn points for writing a review?

- After making a purchase, you will receive an email(s) from NOBULL inviting you to leave a review. You will receive 10 points for each unique review submitted via these emails. Please note, you can only leave one review per email invitation.

Do I get points for purchasing a NOBULL gift card?

- Yes, you will receive 1 point per $1 spent on a gift card purchase, but purchases made with a gift card will not receive points. For example, if you purchase a $25 gift card, you will receive 25 points for that purchase. If you use that $25 gift card towards a $100 order, you will receive 75 points for that purchase.

Do I qualify for free shipping? 

- For members of The Chipper with Insider, Exclusive, VIP and NOBULL Family statuses, we offer free shipping benefits in the contiguous US; Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

*For members of The Chipper with Member status, we offer free shipping to all 50 states in the US (including Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia).

- Member status qualifies for free shipping on orders $99 and over. Insiders and Exclusive statuses qualify for free standard shipping on all orders. VIP and NOBULL Family statuses qualify for free expedited shipping on all orders.

- NOBULL also offers free shipping on orders to Australia, Canada and Europe. See more information for international shipping here.

How do I redeem my free shipping benefit? 

- If you are logged into your account, your shipping benefit will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout.

Which product launches will I receive early access to? 

- All members of The Chipper receive early access to select restocks and will be notified via email. Insider statuses and above also receive early access to select new apparel launches. Exclusive statuses and above also receive early access to select new footwear launches.

What is the birthday gift?

- The birthday gift is for VIP and NOBULL Family statuses and is subject to change annually. You will receive an email on your birthday with a unique code that you must enter into the ‘Gift card or discount code’ field at checkout. You must be logged into your account for the code to work.

Which NOBULL event will I receive complimentary tickets to?

- The NOBULL Family status is eligible for complimentary tickets to NOBULL-sponsored events. Event access is subject to change. More details to come to those who qualify for this benefit.

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