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Mal O'Brien

Mal O

June 04, 2021

“I’ve always loved to work hard, and when I started CrossFit®, I knew that’s what it was all about. I grew up a competitor through gymnastics, so my competitive mindset has always been there. I love the grind, the pain, the push, the suffering, the blood, sweat, and tears it’s taken to get me where I am.

The process is long and most of the time it isn’t easy but learning to enjoy the process is the key to success. It’s how we get to the goals we set for ourselves. It makes us tough, and it makes us confident.

My journey is just beginning, but my preparation is not. I trust the hours I’ve put into the gym, I trust the community I surround myself with, and I trust my grind. Every single day I wake up ready to WORK. That’s why #IAMNOBULL.