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Baylee Rayl

Baylee Rayl

January 27, 2021

I have never been the strongest athlete but that hasn’t stopped me from chasing my dreams. It’s easy to make excuses, “I  wasn’t built for this” or “it’ll take forever to get where I need to be.” I refuse to think this way but sometimes the thoughts can creep in when the road gets challenging.

How I persevere is what defines my character. I believe a strong mind and a strong work ethic will exceed a strong body. I believe a strong faith and a strong WHY will exceed it all. There is a difference between being good and being GREAT.

I believe every shortcut has a consequence so I pursue the long route. To run MY race. The race I was created for, not looking left or right, but setting my sights straight down my lane. The small details matter: the ones that others avoid. I know that it’s not always about the end goal but the journey it took to get there - the people I love or lift up along the way and the lessons that are learned through each season. This route can be long and tough, but that suffering breeds character and confidence.

It’s the “WHY” that I tap into when things get tough - my people, the work that’s been put in, my dreams, the suffering, my faith. THIS is what makes me strong. This is what makes it all worthwhile.

No excuse can outweigh my WHY and this is why #IAMNOBULL.