Rec Trainer

Athletic woman does pushups in athletic clothing while wearing black and white rec trainers

High Energy. Low Profile.

Your versatile footwear for any level of recreation. Engineered to train in with flexible comfort and a look that blends into the rest of your day.

Your Versatile Footwear

Flex hard.

Feel light on your feet as the shoe bends and pivots for agile movement.

Keep a low profile.

Keep a closer ground connection with a lower stack and roomy toe box to stabilize yourself while lifting.

Be versatile.

Serious for workouts and covert enough to tackle the rest of your day without swapping shoes.

The Rec Trainer is so versatile that it's become my everyday shoe. I can transition from coaching to training to errands around town in a single pair of trainers.

Steph Chung

I'm really enjoying the new NOBULL Rec Trainer! It offers both comfort and functionality, making it a great choice for my workouts and everyday wear due to its stylish design.

Kristi O'Connell

I'm so excited for NOBULL's brand new Rec Trainer, not only are they so comfortable where I can do multiple tasks in them, they look good while doing so.

Tia-Clair Toomey Orr

The Rec Trainers are the best pair of slip on and go shoes I've ever worn.

Jarryd Wallace

I love the new Rec Trainer! It is the perfect shoe to dress up or dress down. The versatility is ideal where you can hit a workout in them or wear them to dinner. My new favorite hybrid shoe!

Baylee Rayl

CrossFit athlete Kristi Eramo gets ready to workout wearing casual athletic apprel and arctic print Rec Trainer shoes