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Noelle Lambert

Noelle Lambert

September 03, 2021

Sometimes life presents you with challenges that you have no choice but to learn from, no matter how hard it may be. When I started playing NCAA lacrosse at UMASS Lowell, I had no idea that my journey was going to be different than the rest of my teammates. If someone told me that I would be the first above the knee amputee to play Division I lacrosse, I would not have believed them. At the time, it didn’t seem fair to me. But the challenge shaped me into the best version of myself, someone I know my parents are proud of. Prior to my accident, I never gave 110% to my training or my education. But now, I am all in on everything I do. After my accident, I started running and cross-training to make my body as strong as possible in order to grow mentally and physically each and every day. I feel at home when I am on the track and am honored to be considered a role model for my work with the Born to Run Foundation. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so I have learned to cherish every day and give the utmost effort to every task I face. Losing my leg is a blessing and that’s #NOBULL. Present me with the impossible, and I will conquer it.

I am proud to be a member of the #NOBULL team.