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Kelsey Turnbow

Kelsey Turnbow

March 24, 2023

My ultimate childhood dream was to become a professional soccer player, and with family and key mentor support I was able to achieve this lofty goal. But it didn’t come easily. There is no elevator to the top… In order to achieve success, you have to take the stairs.

I’ve always been a fierce competitor in anything and everything I do. I crave the feeling of winning. However, my journey to success hasn’t necessarily been linear. Through notable times of adversity in my life and playing career, I’ve never let those moments define me, but rather chose to use them as motivation to overcome obstacles.

NOBULL’s philosophy of training and working hard with no excuses resonates with me at my core. Through every phase of my life, I’ve leaned into training to prepare myself for opportunities that help maximize my full potential. I am immensely grateful to be part of NOBULL’s hardworking, uplifting community whose values directly align with mine. #IAMNOBULL