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Jessie Knight

Jessie Knight

October 25, 2022

Ever since I was 8 years old and I stepped on an athletics track for the first time, I dreamed of representing my country on the biggest stage. During my school years, I competed and always strived to be better, faster.

At the age of 23, I stepped away from competitive athletics and focussed on my career as a Primary School Teacher. My ‘all or nothing’ mindset made it difficult to give 110% to both of my passions, so I gave up competitive running for a year.

A strong desire took over – I was talented. I was strong and I was fast. Why would I set aside my dreams and potential as an athlete? Aged 24, I joined a new training group with a new coach and I promised myself to work harder than ever before. Every day, I left the house at 7 am to teach my class and returned home at 10 pm after a grueling training session. I sacrificed a lot of time with family and friends to achieve the ultimate goal – to be the best in the country in my event and to earn the honour of representing my country on the World stage.

After 3 years of hard work and dedication, I made it to my first Olympic Games in Tokyo and have since represented my country and won two World Championships, two European Championships, and one Commonwealth Games. I am a three-time British Champion.

I am now a professional athlete, but it took sheer hard work and discipline to get here. The journey isn’t over yet, it’s just the beginning and I know what it takes to achieve my dreams.

That’s why #IAMNOBULL.