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Jassim Al Shamali

Jassim Al Shamali

January 27, 2021

When I first started CrossFit®, people used to ask me why do you do it? It’s not gonna help you lose weight fast. Losing weight fast was not my main goal, I wanted to live a stronger and healthier life. I wanted to feel confident and strong within myself as I was struggling with issues of self-worth and quitting every fitness journey I started. What kept me going with CrossFit® is the fact that even though you have the community cheering you on, it’s ultimately you versus you. You’re the only one accountable for your progress or setbacks. Once I realized that, I knew that my mental game needed to be sharpened as well in order for me to keep going and keep on progressing.

I have made it this far because I know that I am both the good days and the bad days and regardless of the day I keep going.

That’s why #IAMNOBULL.