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DeVentri Jordan

DeVentri Jordan

January 19, 2022

Life isn’t linear. It’s a journey.

We can start out with a plan for what we want to accomplish, but it’s rare that plan ever happens without disruption. 

I started my career at one of the biggest sports training programs in the country. I got to work with some of the best athletes before moving back home to Minnesota to be with my family. 

I had to start over by myself and build something from the ground up. I had partners quit on me, I lost business — and even dealt with my mom and then my brother passing away. I didn’t have any family left except for my wife and kids. 

But I didn’t give up. I had athletes to serve and lives to change — nothing was going to stop me. I had to leave a legacy that made this world better than before.

The key is to learn to be patient and deal with the adversity while not losing sight of the plan. When I learned to be humble through adversity, I started winning. 

Today, I’m running a national performance training business with one of the biggest brands in the world: Life Time. We train more than 1,300 athletes every single week. This program is bigger than I first imagined, and it’s right where I’m supposed to be.

Now, it’s my time.