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Craig Towler

Craig Towler

January 28, 2021

My name is Craig Towler, and I am a bilateral amputee. On July 4th, 2016, I was struck by an impaired driver which resulted in the amputation of both of my legs. 

This experience may have changed me physically, but my core values and life goals have not changed. There are things in life that can be taken from you that are beyond your control, and there are things in life that no one can take from you. I will not allow anyone or anything to affect how I see good in the world and the people around me, or my positive attitude when I wake up in the morning.

I am lucky to be alive today, and I’m thankful for every second that I am here. My mission is to use my life experiences to spread positivity, and hopefully help motivate people to understand, and value the time we have. The only constant in life is time, so we need to be very conscious of how we use it. We need to live our lives with a sense of urgency to do good, and with an understanding and calmness that we will not be here forever, so we must take advantage of every second that we are have. 

I didn’t fight for my life to be alive today so I could ask "why me?", and feel sorry for myself. I fought for my life because I’m not done here, and I’ve got a lot of living left to do. This is why #IAMNOBULL.