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Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell

January 27, 2021

Do I think I have something to prove? Absolutely!

Growing up, there was no room for complacency or mediocrity. There was no pretense about the level of excellence needed not only to succeed, but to trailblaze as a Black woman in this country. There was no quitting, no whining, and no time to wallow in self-doubt. 

Looking back, I realize I was learning about what it means to show up. And that’s what I carry with me. It’s what allows me to be courageous, resilient, and relentless. It’s how I have the audacity to call myself a leader in spaces that were never meant for me. 

My why is stronger than my excuses, my fears, and the adversity I face. 

So, when I say I have something to prove, it’s this: My commitment to loving myself and uplifting my community is the light that blazes my path. Life may be tough, but so am I. That is why #IAMNOBULL.