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February 26, 2015  |  ALL                                          

It's been about a month since we released the first glimpse of the NOBULL Trainer. The support has been amazing. THANK YOU!  

There have been many inquires regarding the shoes. We realize it's confusing that they are available for order now but they don't ship right away. To help make things clear, here are some FAQs about the Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Bro, I need new workout shoes now! Why did you release them if they aren't available immediately?

Annoying, right? We know. We're sorry. Thanks for hanging in there with us until they arrive from the factory. 

2. I ordered a pair but I honestly have no clue when they will arrive...HELP!

We have been doing our best to set clear expectations. That said, we aren't perfect so hopefully this clears things up:

  • Black Surplus Trainer: These will ship to you in April (it's looking like late April, but we are busting down doors to get them here ASAP)

  • Black Berry Trainer: These will ship to you in April. (Again, it's looking like late April. For real though, we are doing everything we can to get them here sooner.)

  • Limited Edition Camo Trainer:  These bad boys will ship to you in June and OH MY are they pretty. 


3. What's the heel to toe drop?


4. Does the Trainer fit true to size?

Yes. Order the size you would wear in traditional athletic shoes. 

5. You expect me to order shoes online, without trying them on? But what if they don't fit right?! Are you guys going to give me trouble about an exchange?

We will make the exchange process as simple as we possibly can. For all domestic orders we will provide you a prepaid label to send them back AND pay shipping on the new pair to you. 

6. Do you ship internationally?

If your location can support human life we will find a way to get your shoes there. Easy enough?

7. When will you expand your size offerings?

We're sorry if we don't have your size yet. We will be opening up more sizes this fall.  


Hopefully this is helpful! Email us if you have additional questions: