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The Chipper

As a “chipper” member, you'll get closer to

earning exclusive rewards every time you shop.



Create an account to be automatically enrolled in Chipper Rewards.
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  • How do I join the Chipper Rewards?+

    Create an account by signing up here.

  • What do I get for joining?+

    Free shipping on orders $75 and over. Higher tiers earn more, so as you progress to higher tiers in the Chipper you’ll have access to additional benefits.

  • Will my past purchases count towards my Chipper status?+

    No, spend per calendar year begins on the date of your first purchase after creating an account.

  • How long will my benefits last?+

    Your benefits will be available until the end of the following year after you unlock them. For example, if you unlock the insider tier on 9/10/19, you will receive the associated benefits until 12/31/2020.

  • How do I maintain my tier status?+

    After reaching a new tier, you must spend the following amount next year to maintain your status (Member: $100, Insider: $200, VIP: $700).

  • Are my Chipper status benefits automatically applied?+

    Yes, if you are logged into your account, any applicable benefits will be automatically applied to your cart during checkout.

  • What is the birthday gift?+

    The birthday gift is subject to change annually, but keep an eye out for an email from us on your birthday.

  • Will my in-store purchases count towards my Chipper status?+

    Yes, if you checkout in-store with your account email address.

  • Is the referral program part of the Chipper?+

    The referral program is separate from the Chipper so referrals do not impact your tier status. However, you will be able to see referral information in your customer account.

  • How do I redeem my referral benefits? Will my discounts be applied automatically?+

    You will receive a $15 gift card for each successful referral. You will have the option to redeem this during checkout or save it for a future purchase.

  • Can I combine referral invitations from multiple friends?+

    You can only use a new customer referral code once. Once you use one discount code the other will become inactive.

  • Can I use my referral discounts in-store?+

    No, referral codes are limited to