October 1, 2015  

Last month, Sam Dancer set out on a two week coaching trip to Europe that included stops in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Sam packed everything for the trip in his NOBULL Duffleback

When we saw this photo for the first time, we were even shocked, but after speaking with Sam he explained that there was actually more packed in the Duffleback than what you see below. 

The Duffleback is a duffle for your back. Not a backpack. It's the perfect blend of being-able-to-find-your-stuff and anatomically correct weight distribution. Access it like a duffle, carry it like a backpack.

It fits nicely under the seat on a plane or bus. Save the checked bag fee and buy another speedo. 

"I travel every weekend, so it's important for me to be organized and move efficiently. The Duffleback helps me maximize time and spend as little of that time doing things that aren't of value." -Sam Dancer


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