SEPTEMBER 21, 2016                                         

Production is complete! The Lifter is handmade by teams of skilled craftsmen, overseen by a Master Craftsman.

From the cutting of the leather to the buffing of the heel, check out behind the scenes photography from the workshop.

The leather used in the NOBULL Lifter is hand selected, top grain material, embedded with natural oils. The result is an exceptionally strong and durable leather, with rich texture.

The Lifter's stacked leather heel consists of individually cut layers, bonded, waxed, finished and buffed for smooth, beautiful contours that reveal the natural grains. 2-3 hours of precise handwork goes into each heel and outsole.


 Hand selected leathers.

 NOBULL heel branding iron.

Branding complete.

Assembly begins. 

Uppers ready for stitching. 

SuperFabric meets leather. 

Completed uppers. 

Stacked leather for heels. 



Set for final QC.

Ready for battle. 

Heading home. 

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