No More Sidelines for Simmonds

Jamie Is Aiming For The Top


Rewind to March 2016. As the CrossFit Games Worldwide Open draws to a close, there is a new name at the top of the Women’s Leaderboard, Jamie Greene. A relative unknown in the sport, Jamie Simmonds (né Greene) discovered CrossFit only 3 years prior, but quickly cemented herself as one of the best in the world. Between 2016 and 2020 she earned herself a ticket to the sport’s finals, the CrossFit Games, 5 consecutive times. Jamie stood on the Podium twice, once with her Team CrossFit Yas in 2016, and then again as an individual in 2019 with her career best finish of 3rd.

Fast forward to 2021, and Jamie’s Games season looks a little different. A shoulder injury that required surgery put her out of contention that season and on to a path of rehabilitation. The ultimate goal was to get back to her best, and to hope that her best would be good enough to take her back to Madison. The journey to rebuild her body gave her a fresh perspective and appreciation of what she had already achieved, and all that she was still hungry to conquer.

“It was definitely a long road back, but it really taught me to appreciate training, working out and living life. We’re so lucky to have a body that functions and a is capable of competing at the CrossFit Games. ” - Jamie 

Throughout 2021 and 2022 Jamie focused on taking one day at a time. Learning to test the new limits of her body, and to patiently push them. Not only that, she learnt to love the journey. Training with her now husband Elliot Simmonds, they travelled to new countries, and just ahead of the 2023 Season commencing, they made the decision for Elliot to take on the role of coach to Jamie.

“For me, the daily motivation is the pursuit of getting into the gym, putting your head down, and showing up for yourself that day.” - Jamie

Earlier this year they took the trip to Australia for Jamie to compete in this season’s CrossFit Games Semifinal, with the hope that 2 years after sustaining her injury, she would be back to her best. Jamie was focused on the task at hand and dug deep over 3 days of hard-fought competition. When the weekend was over, she emerged victorious and had earned another trip to compete with the Fittest on Earth in Madison.

“It was something that had felt so far away for so many years because I hadn’t been there since 2019, and was online in 2020. Once I released that I was going back to the CrossFit Games, I was so excited. I can’t wait to get back there, and compete on the world stage again.” - Jamie

Ahead of the Games both Jamie and Elliot have been hard at work finetuning her preparation for the unknown and unknowable, and continually working out how best to balance their coach/athlete relationship with their personal relationship. 

“Over time, we have made progress in finding a workable balance. Dedication and cooperation have made the journey more manageable, maximizing our time together in the gym.” - Elliot

With less than one week to go until the Games begin, Jamie is ready to assert herself back at the top of the women’s sport, with a fresh perspective and a new name, but the same love of the sport. Jamie, Madison awaits.

“Embracing new movements is the most exciting aspect of the CrossFit Games. I can't wait to do some crazy stuff and get back to it. The injury has taught me to be a lot more patient and I feel like I have grown as an athlete after two years on the sidelines.” - Jamie

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