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2015 Regional Recap

2015 Regional Recap

June 11, 2015  |  ALL                                         

The 2015 CrossFit Regionals were a blast and a blur! Our team split up to attend six Regionals in three weeks. We met some amazing athletes, customers, friends and families. 

Here is a glimpse into our journey:

Michael hanging out with Corey from KillCliff

Behind the scenes.

Team CFNE Honor placed 3rd in the East Regional. 

Game ready.

East Regional, Hartford CT.

Trainers on display.

Individual female athletes just prior to taking the floor. 

In Harftord, we built a 20'x10' retail booth using 32 CrossFit boxes. We manually wired electricity to power our sound system and TVs.

The boxes acted as a stage for two 8' retail display towers. 

Mission accomplished. 

Todd wouldn't let the shoes out of his sight!

The calm before the storm.

Hello, Del Mar!

Who doesn't like sunny SoCal in May? 

NOBULL athlete, and California Regional champion, Brooke Ence, dropped by to say hello.

Marcus was excited the packages arrived in MN!

CrossFit417 placed second at the Central Regional.

Feeling good!

In the heat of battle.

Saxon Panchik made his first appearance at Regionals. 

Almost there!

Brooke Wells won the Central Regional in her first year qualifying. She's 19. 

See you in Carson!

We couldn't be happier for all the athletes heading to Carson.

Todd and the West Regional crew had a awesome weekend in Tacoma!

There was even a bit of time to visit the Pike Place Market.

Stopping by the original Starbucks was a must before heading home!