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Sydney Wells

Sydney Wells

January 31, 2022

Ever since I can remember, I have loved competition. Growing up, I strived to be stronger, smarter, faster, better than my peers. I used this competitive nature to push myself to be my very best. During senior year of high school, I was offered a scholarship to run track at the University of Missouri. 

Once I was placed into the scene with other SEC athletes, I quickly realized everyone was talented. 
Everyone worked hard. 
Everyone wanted exactly what I wanted. 

My work ethic got me there physically, but it was the mental side I needed to strengthen. I trained my mind to enjoy the hurt and suffering. I embraced the uncomfortable. I focused on what I could control and eliminated outside distractions. Before every race, my coach reminded me of the “Three C’s”. Stay calm, cool and collected. 

After college, I settled into a full time job and lifestyle that included CrossFit® classes to stay in shape. After a while, I realized I was missing something mentally and physically challenging from my life. I decided to put my athletic ability, work ethic, and mental focus to the test in the 2021 CrossFit Open®. As a rookie, I am excited to be competing in the upcoming semifinals. But I am equally excited to be at the beginning of a new journey. That's why #IAMNOBULL.