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Oakley Woodhouse

Oakley Woodhouse

August 30, 2022

Ever since I was little, the hard work that comes with wanting to achieve anything has been ingrained within me – from competing in the World Jiu Jitsu Championships to being part of the first British team to get to the CrossFit Games® as part of Team JST. 

Behind all of that came learning that one of the hardest and most important aspects of being NOBULL transcends physical training by taking “no bull” in what you believe in and what lights you up.

I found that what lit me up was and is being able to see just what I’m capable of day in and day out in the gym, a chance to constantly be better and learn more. But also, to provide a space in which CrossFit® can be accessible for all and where others can experience the NOBULL that comes with a supportive community, which has led me to take CrossFit® into prisons and open my own CrossFit® Affiliate alongside being a part of the CrossFit® Seminar Staff.

#IAMNOBULL because I don’t believe there is any one way to be an athlete or a coach, but the way that resonates with you and allows you to be you.