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Jon Weeks

Jon Weeks

March 29, 2021

"Never let someone else’s perception of you become your reality.”

A coach who always pushed me along my journey shared this quote by Les Brown and it has stayed with me since then. There will always be obstacles to overcome; there will always be naysayers. I accept and understand that there were and will be constant obstacles or failures, but I try to learn and grow from each one. I believe deep down that if I am willing to make the sacrifices and continue to work and be humble that all things are possible.

I surround myself with people who push me, who want nothing more than to see me succeed and be the best version of myself, and I lean on them when the tough days hit. It’s because of those individuals that not giving everything I have is unacceptable! 

I want my two beautiful daughters to dream and to dream big. I want them to know that along the journey there will be stumbles and cynics, but they should never let someone else’s perception of them become their reality because with hard work anything they set their mind to is possible.